There's more to design than meets the eye! 👀 In fact — after negotiating a contract — every project I work on starts with a research phase. We also spend time together setting goals, workshopping content and organization.

(Of course, the process for every project is a little bit different, but what you see below is a pretty typical outline.)

# 1. Plan

Pre-research and Scoping

Determine project scope and performance measures.

Identify project stakeholders, site editors, and target audiences.

Outline key questions, process, strategy, goals, recommendations, technology.

# 2. Design

Content Strategy

Articulate flexible guidelines to help promote cohesive messaging, tone, and style.

Information Architecture

Audit existing content and structure. Annotate issues with existing site design.

Visual Research

Ground the visual design by surveying historical materials, current landscape, and distant future.


Synthesize strategy, architecture, and research into a set of redesigned site templates.

# 3. Build


Create a live staging site demonstrating the breadth of designs and functionalities.


Gather late-stage feedback from stakeholders and incorporate back into prototype.


Train site editors on new structure.

Content Migration

Merge, import, and clean up existing site content, in collaboration with site editors.


Soft-launch prototype and gather feedback from a wider audience.

# 4. Launch

# 5. Debrief

Reflect on initial scope, goals, and plan for evaluating initial performance measures. Is everything working as planned? Did we meet our goals? What are future areas of improvement?