🌀 Approach

My favorite kind of project is highly collaborative and process-oriented: asking you questions to help articulate your audiences and goals; drawing out the stories behind your work; sketching out a structure and form that communicates effectively; and building you a website that is solid, reader-friendly, and easy to maintain.

🏁 Recent Projects

American Ethnological Society — A modern site for the oldest anthropological organization in the United States, which brings together their quarterly journal, juried competitions, conferences, and online content.

Sara Hendren (website) — Carving new space for a portfolio of personal projects, while integrating with (and sharing the architecture of) a companion site dedicated to collaborative research and teaching.

Susan Inglett Gallery — Tailored content management for the 23 year program of exhibitions and editions at this New York gallery has helped improve both presentation and consistency.

Adaptation + Ability Group — Experimenting with the functionality and aesthetics of web accessibility in this open-source website for an academic research lab.

More Projects

A 6-month long collaboration with anthropologist Caitrin Lynch and designer Sara Hendren, of Olin College, to produce an interactive archive that frames their academic research for a broad internet readership.

In collaboration with Sara Hendren, redesigned the website of this widely-known design intervention, distilling it to a single page and foregrounding the project's story and manifesto.

Pair-programmed with ethnographer Christina Xu, walking through setting up her own site to document research into China's creative culture. Answered questions and solved problems together as they arose.


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